Ann’s Summer Knitting Plan


What are you knitting now?

When you think of summer knitting, does you mind automatically turn to linen tops and scarves as light as a feather?  Perhaps you have a simple pattern to follow as you travel to a favorite vacation spot or enjoy evenings out  with your knitting circle. Well, oddly enough, my mind turns to fall and the many sweaters I want to incorporate into my wardrobe for the  cooler seasons.  My summer is filled with knitting swatches, yokes, button hole bands and sleeves.

Since the beginning of May, I have knit two sweaters. The first was the Sunday Cardigan by Petite Knit. This sweater is perfect to pop on when I want a big soft hug. Knit with Rowan Brushed Fleece, on nice, big needles, this pattern was a breeze. Nothing is quite as satisfying as getting a sweater done in about 10 days.


Ready for blocking and buttons!

Shify, the second sweater I completed, took a little bit of thought as I changed it from a pullover to a cardigan, lengthened it a bit and alternating the bands. I must admit, when I first started knitting the sweater, I thought that I would knit it as a store sample and then give it away when we were done displaying it. Once I got through the yoke, I fell in love with the fabric. The colors in the sweater remind me of a foggy day on our coast. I spent a long weekend at Squam Lake with friends where I had a ton of knitting time.  We sat on the porch of our cabin or on the dock to knit, drink wine and take the beauty of Squam all in…and before I knew it, I had a sweater!


Ready for blocking and buttons!
(two projects same status, are you seeing a theme?)

(A few people have ask how I modified the sweater and that will be featured in an upcoming blog post.)

Six weeks and two sweaters down… and two shawls for projects of the month. What is next?


As I was perusing Instagram one Sunday I saw Julie Hoover’s new pattern Ronin. A long cardigan with big wide stripes? It was but a few hours before that was on my needles!  Using Shibui Fern and Silk Cloud held double, I knit a swatch right away and started knitting.  I am almost done with one front and plan to work on it over the 4th of July week.  We have friends coming into town so there will be plenty of knitting time as we catch up.


For some reason I am obsessed with the idea of having an orange sweater. Fall is my favorite season. When my girls were home, I always loved routine of the start of school and all of the holidays. And I LOVE pumpkins. One of my college friends owns a personalized stationary business and she made me the most darling note cards with pumpkins on them.


(I just had to share them!)

I had three sweaters in mind to knit Tinder by Jared Flood, Mariechen by Isabell Kraemer and Ebbetts by Elizabeth Doherty. I could not decide between the three so I put them up to a vote on Instagram.  Mariechen was the winner by a hair. I decided to use Rowan Felted Tweed in Ginger.  So that will be my next cast on at the end of this holiday week. Can you tell that I like to have more than one or two or three projects going at the same time?


Photo by Isabell Kraemer

So there you have it, my knitting plan for summer. By the time Fall sets in, I will have four new sweaters ready for cooler temperatures!

Happy summer knitting, friends!


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