My word for the year…

Instead of coming up with a new year’s resolution, which is usually broken within weeks of turning the calendar, this year I decided to focus on a word throughout the year.


The last couple of years have flown by too quickly and I feel rushed.  This year my goal is to simplify things so I can take a breath. More time to spend with my husband, family, friends and pups. More time to be creative and, quite honestly, just be quiet.

IMG_5749 2.jpegMy daughter drew a little reminder for me to 
put in the front of my calendar book.

Part of the way I am going to simplify my life is to not wait until the last minute to do things. This, my friends, is going be my toughest assignment yet because I am an excellent procrastinator. My goal in 2020 is to get it done, move on AND don’t circle back to make it perfect. Planning for Stitches, monthly newsletter tasks, emails, stuff around the house… whatever it is, I want to check it off my list. Can I bring the “touch it once” rule into practice?

IMG_5750.jpegI have even written “simplicity” on each page
of my calendar to remind me to be focused.

Part of plan to simplify my little piece of the world will stretch into my knitting life too.  I am going to focus on knitting things I truly love and will wear. 2020 will be the year I will knit what I want with joy. Last year was filled a ton of projects, this year’s productivity will be lower. (Do not fear, we will continue to have a lot of new samples in the shop…I have some amazing help in the lovely ladies of Monarch and some fabulous knitting friends.)

So, what do I want to knit this year? I know that I want to knit something out of a Hudson +West yarn. When we received the book, I Knit San Francisco, one sweater caught my eye. Ferry Building, knit out of Weld, is a great looking sweater; oversized but tailored. The sweater is designed by Sloane Rosenthal, a master of all things cabled. Euclid, a shawl by Isabel Kraemer, has also struck my fancy.  I really admire her aesthetic and well written patterns. Knit in Phoebe or maybe a Shibui combination, it will be a stunner to wear!

Two projects I hope to knit this year were designed by some lovely people that I have been lucky enough to meet over my years as a shop owner.  Elizabeth Doherty of Blue Bee Studio, a good friend and a great source of knitting inspiration, designed a pullover, Elorie, last fall.  The slip stitch pattern creates a stunning yoke that flows into a beautifully draped sweater. While Elizabeth knit her sweater in Quince Kestrel, I might try mine in Woolfolk Far for a cozier version.

Shellie Anderson’s vest, Astoria is the perfect quick winter knit.  A combination of Shibui Nest held double with Silk Cloud on a size 10 needle and no sleeves?… It is calling for a few rainy days filled with movies and knitting.  The vest is simple and classic, just my kind of garment.

The message for me this year, will be to take a breath, to slow down and enjoy life and embrace all the little moments. I hope all of you find peace in the new year and can find time for yourself and what you hold dear.


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