Basher Lands on the Monterey Peninsula

What’s black, brown, and white and creates joy wherever he goes?

It’s Basher! Linus’s little brother and Monarch Ambassador in Training. He still has much to learn, skeins of yarn are not playthings, customers don’t want their laces untied, and those little teeth are sharp so don’t bite the hand that wants to pet you. But he couldn’t have a better mentor than Linus and he seems to be a quick study. We are looking forward to having him at Monarch on a regular basis.

It was a special 25th wedding anniversary gift for Ann as little Basher arrived as a surprise, just before midnight, on November 9th after a plane ride from Albuquerque. He will be all of twelve weeks old the first week of December.

Ann and Basher went to their first puppy class last week and he did well socializing with the other pups and work hard to listen to her and follow instructions. It was his first go at it but Ann thinks he shows potential to be a first-rate Monarch shop greeter.

On the home front Basher is learning to eat from his food bowl and not to try and sneak over to Linus’s dish for an extra snack. He is working hard to be Linus’s little buddy, still quite a bit of work to do in this area, but Linus is generous with his patience as Basher enjoys barking directly into his face and has taken over the stash of dog toys in the house. Progress is being made but it will be a bit of time before Linus refers to the young pup as his BFF.

Ann is making sure that Linus is getting extra doses of love, and special snacks, to help ease the new arrival into the family. He will always remain Monarch’s number one ambassador but we think he is looking forward to sharing the duty with Basher once he gets through his training period. After all there are plenty of Monarch dog lovers to go around and it will not be too long before there is double the Berner fun at your local yarn shop.

2 thoughts on “Basher Lands on the Monterey Peninsula”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your joy and pictures. Linus and Basher won the dog lottery by being adopted into your family.


    1. Thank you! Just love the little guys so very much. With my daughters out of the house, it is nice to have someone to dote on.


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